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unsimulated Extras Caligula2

Caligula… The Untold Story (original Italian title: Caligola… la storia mai raccontata; transl. “Caligula… the story never told”) is a 1982 historical exploitation film starring David Brandon and Laura Gemser. Written by George Eastman and Joe D’Amato, and produced, directed and shot by Joe D’Amato, it was created to cash-in on the success of Tinto Brass’s Caligula without being a sequel or remake.

The plot deals with the last days of the deviant and murderous Roman emperor Caligula, his sumptuous feasts, orgies, and the various assassination attempts on his life. At its core, the film develops an ill-fated romance between the emperor and an Egyptian slave seeking revenge for her friend’s death.[1]

Caligula… The Untold Story was released in Italy and in other European countries in both theaters and on home video in several different softcore and hardcore versions.

While initially received poorly, retrospective reviews have been relatively positive.